Tomlinson, Britain Lit Review 2007.pdf - A review of the literature concerning AVP

Delahanty, USA Lit Review 2004c.pdf - Summary of research on the effectiveness of AVP
Graaff South African prisons 2005.pdf - Study on Western Cape conflict resolution workshops includes AVP
Hope, California Prison Friends Outside 2003.pdf - The Creative Conflict Resolution outcome study
Miller & Shuford, Delaware Prison 2005.pdf - AVP and recidivism
Phillips, NZ 2002.pdf - An evaluation of AVP workshops in Aotearoa / New Zealand
Sloane, Delaware Prison 2002.pdf - Study of the effectiveness of AVP workshops in a prison system
Sloane, Delaware Prison 2003.pdf - Lessons from the Cell Block: a study of prison inmate participants in AVP
Walrath, Maryland Prison 2001.pdf - Evaluation of an inmate run AVP: the impact of inmate to inmate intervention

Coggins, Baltimore HIPP 2005.pdf - HIPP Middle School Program evaluation
Doppler, Sydney Primary School Research 2008.pdf - Review of Restorative Practices study in Sydney Primary School
Stuart Nonviolence and youth work (AVP) Australia 2004.pdf - Model of youth work practice based on research & inspired by AVP

Agizah & Dundas Kenya Evaluation 2007.pdf - Impact of & Vision for Alternatives to Violence Project workshops in Western Kenya
Chico & Paule, Rwanda 2005.pdf - lessons from AVP workshops with Gacaca Judges, May 2004-March 2005
May, Uganda 2008.pdf - Teaching peace transforming conflict: exploring participant perceptions of the impact of peace training in Uganda
Niyongabo & Yeomans, Rwanda 2003.pdf - An evaluation of AVP in Rwanda

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